Upholstery Repairs

Recovering & Repairs

Upholstery Repairs

Over the years, wear and tear affects the appearance of your furniture. Before considering expensive replacements let us quote to mend, restore or re-cover your favourite furniture.Some Pieces of Furniture just fit and to replace them can be a lot of work and expense.

We provide an Upholstery Repair service that will breath new life into your Furniture. Sofas, Chairs, Chaise Longe or even foot rest, we’ll help you with fabric samples and add a new look to your living space.

As local craftsman all of our work is completed in our Belfast workshop, which means no waiting times sending your furniture off for repair. We can give practical advice on restoring you sofa and cushions to give a like new appearance and give you more support with high quality foam options.

Sofa Repairs

We see all sorts of repairs on a regular basis including, broken springs, torn upholstery, foam cushion replacement, scratched, worn or damaged surrounds to name but a few. Leather repairs and restoration is highly popular at the moment and can often be much more cost effective than new furniture.

Head Boards

An Upholstered head Board brings modern style at an affordable price to your bedroom. A headboard is one of the most important choices you can make for your bedroom. It sets the tone for other furnishings and the mood for the room itself.

Customizing this single element leaves you open to the creative flexibility of being able to change your mind over the years. It’s the answer when you want to create a soft and textured focus for a bed.

Sofa Doctor can create your own custom  headboard of your choice.